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Metal sign

Metal Signs
Let make a special highlight to light up your work area, home decor, or any event with your special lights. Line Art Metal signs are an easy way to light-up your space with warm, romantic and wonderful light. Our signs are handmade, we always create and package every piece of art ourselves to ensure the highest quality product for you.
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´ Materials: Stainless steel, powder coated, laser cut, strings lights.
´ Size: 8 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches.
´ The sign is made with pre-designed holes for hanging. You can hang the sign everywhere easily with the screws already included in the kit.
´ Lights details:
- A string of lights is attached behind these items will highlight your room.
- The USB plug enables you to plug the string LED lights into the USB hub, power adapter.
- Remote control: You can use the remote to turn the lights on and off, change the color to one of 16 vibrant colors, adjust brightness, cycle through the colors and set a timer.
Each of our products is packaged with the loving care of a craftsman so it can be delivered as a prized gift. It's so much fun and easy to match these beautiful signs with wall decor to your friends and family's interests. You can give it to them on their birthday, Christmas, wedding party, graduation, or even anniversaries. Our goal when you open the package is to say,î Wow- thatÍs Beautiful or ThatÍs Really COOL!î.
* Please be noted colors may slightly vary depends on monitor
- Production time is about 3-5 business days.
- Delivery is usually successful in 9-12 days.